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21.Scripts in the "On Create" field in a team's template properties will only execute once. If you want your script to execute as long as the team exists, put it in the generic scripts list in the "Generic" tab.
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The end
Posted January 11, 2005. By Mithril.

Today marks the time where the SDI ceases to exist in an active state.

Due to certain circumstances (mainly involving the need of time), I have decided to leave the Gen/ZH/Revora community.

I was hoping to extend the SDI to a greater degree - but as times change, so do the necessities. Now it will remain as an archive for tutorials. If anyone has anything to say about this (non-scripting wise), I suggest you contact the Revora forums for support.

I'm afraid the scripting support offered in the forums will be cancelled since all the SDI members are either non-scripters or are very busy (e.g. Thudo) with other projects.

I would like to thank everyone who has more or less contributed to the SDI in any way.

Take care,


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2 Translated tutorials and .. a new project
Posted November 15, 2004. By Mithril.
For all the Germans among you, Ingoneur from ThunderMOD's has kindly translated two of our tutorials into German. They can be found either here at the SDI or here at ThunderMOD's. A big thanks to Ingoneur and ThunderMOD's for the translation and permission.

Thudo has found a new love: Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War. There may be a new AI project but I suppose I'm not allowed to say anything yet because it's not that official yet *cough*

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Back up!
Posted October 31, 2004. By Mithril.
The Revora Creative Network finally has a server again. Too bad it went down when there was a big discussion in the SDI forum about EA's bugs with DeeZire, Thudo, Lion and Akkrand.

There is a kind of new "ZH community patch" being developed over at the DeeZire forums. For this reason (and for other, more invisible reasons) I have decided to make a "bug free" ZH as far as it is possible. For that to work I obviously need to identify the bugs first.

If you know of any AI related bugs in ZH (please remember the definition of 'bug', this is not an AI improvement but a bug fix) please post them in this thread.

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Akkrand AI Update 1.09 + Bombtrucks!
Posted August 10, 2004. By Mithril.
The Akkrand AI Version 1.09 is up, actually we can call him Lightning Akkrand now!

It includes some changes with the dynamic attack paths again, more refined logic and new battlebus behavior. Here's a quote from the thread:

"I've made a whole bunch of changes to the Dynamic Attack Paths that I use in my AI - it does a bunch of stuff with timers, counting how long each probe takes to get killed after it first gets attacked, and then comparing the timers of the various probe teams after they're all dead to determine which entrance to use... There are things that can screw it up a bit, but it seems to make more informed decisions, and it especially useful when there are multiple entrances flagged 'without defences', or if all the entrances are flagged 'with defences'..."

There's a new tutorial up as well, about Getting the Bombtruck to disguise properly. Now this isn't the best form of the solution, but as soon as you got the gist of this you will be able to fine tune the logic, like Akkrand did with the Dynamic attack paths.

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