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13. Always try to use the waypoint paths as attack paths - instead of just setting a team to hunt. There are usually three waypoint paths for you to use : Center, Flank and Backdoor
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And more fixes on SDI!
Posted April 15, 2008. By Banshee.

I wasn't very satisfied with the changes I've done in the SDI few days ago and now I've also fixed some layout issues and skinned the network bar. Script Development Initiative is a special place for Generals and Zero Hour modders, which includes several tutorials for modders and downloads, mostly focused on AI scripting, but not restricted to it. And there are also the random tips of the day that may save many lives. I hope you enjoy it!

If you have any modding questions for Generals/ZH, use our editing forums (guest posting allowed) and we'll try to help you.

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We have a temporary downloads section!
Posted April 14, 2008. By Banshee.
Hello everyone! Once in a while, a miracle happens and I pay a visit to this site (aka Script Develpment Initiative, for those who are looking at CnCGuild/Revora). Last time, in the last year, I've fixed the new network bar. Today I've noticed that the situation was far worse. The news wasn't even displaying, there was a long dead banner still trying to show up (and giving a big 404 error on its face) and the Padbfile thing will never be restored.

So, it was time to act, I thought. And the action happened:

-> News was restored.

-> I've made a temporary downloads section, although some of the contents there I have no clue on what do they do. And I didn't add an old version of Akkrand's AI.

-> The dead banner will no longer bug you with 404 errors.

And that's it. This site is old, hardly updated, but still fully functional.

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Advanced dynamic attack paths
Posted September 4, 2004. By Mithril.
At last, the new tutorial about Advanced dynamic attack paths is up. Akkrand has improved the basic logic to such an extent that it required a new tutorial to explain it all. This tutorial is mainly for more experienced scripters, it would help if you have implemented or read the original Dynamic attack paths tutorial before venturing on to the advanced one.

There's a prewritten set for the scripts used in the tutorial here. You could write the scripts yourself but it would save time to download them and adapt them.

Lion, Thudo and Akkrand are all discussing advanced scripting in our forums - a lot of good info is in some of the threads.

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Akkrand AI Update 1.09 + Bombtrucks!
Posted August 10, 2004. By Mithril.
The Akkrand AI Version 1.09 is up, actually we can call him Lightning Akkrand now!

It includes some changes with the dynamic attack paths again, more refined logic and new battlebus behavior. Here's a quote from the thread:

"I've made a whole bunch of changes to the Dynamic Attack Paths that I use in my AI - it does a bunch of stuff with timers, counting how long each probe takes to get killed after it first gets attacked, and then comparing the timers of the various probe teams after they're all dead to determine which entrance to use... There are things that can screw it up a bit, but it seems to make more informed decisions, and it especially useful when there are multiple entrances flagged 'without defences', or if all the entrances are flagged 'with defences'..."

There's a new tutorial up as well, about Getting the Bombtruck to disguise properly. Now this isn't the best form of the solution, but as soon as you got the gist of this you will be able to fine tune the logic, like Akkrand did with the Dynamic attack paths.

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