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8. In the Zero Hour World Builder, uncheck "Auto Verify" when importing scripts and they will import 100% faster.
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And more fixes on SDI!
Posted April 15, 2008. By Banshee.

I wasn't very satisfied with the changes I've done in the SDI few days ago and now I've also fixed some layout issues and skinned the network bar. Script Development Initiative is a special place for Generals and Zero Hour modders, which includes several tutorials for modders and downloads, mostly focused on AI scripting, but not restricted to it. And there are also the random tips of the day that may save many lives. I hope you enjoy it!

If you have any modding questions for Generals/ZH, use our editing forums (guest posting allowed) and we'll try to help you.

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We have a temporary downloads section!
Posted April 14, 2008. By Banshee.
Hello everyone! Once in a while, a miracle happens and I pay a visit to this site (aka Script Develpment Initiative, for those who are looking at CnCGuild/Revora). Last time, in the last year, I've fixed the new network bar. Today I've noticed that the situation was far worse. The news wasn't even displaying, there was a long dead banner still trying to show up (and giving a big 404 error on its face) and the Padbfile thing will never be restored.

So, it was time to act, I thought. And the action happened:

-> News was restored.

-> I've made a temporary downloads section, although some of the contents there I have no clue on what do they do. And I didn't add an old version of Akkrand's AI.

-> The dead banner will no longer bug you with 404 errors.

And that's it. This site is old, hardly updated, but still fully functional.

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Akkrand AI Update 1.03
Posted August 2, 2004. By Mithril.
Just to be sure you know this, Akkrand has updated his AI for ZH, it's version 1.03 now. Get it here. He reworked some things about bomb truck behavior and his AI improved upon the concepts described in the Dynamic attack paths tutorial.

To read his own words, see the topic.

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Akkrand AI and DZWB
Posted July 30, 2004. By Mithril.
Lord Akkrand has released his Akkrand AI for Zero Hour. There's a mirror download location at the SDI here. One of the significant things is that he managed to get bomb trucks to disguise properly in skirmish! Thudo and me have been thinking about this for a good while already.

Head to the Akkrand AI Site for a list of changes among other things.

Additionally, I've finally managed to add DeeZire's Modified Zero Hour World Builder. There are some slight modifications, mainly bug fixes but there are also some additions like the ability to place ramps like objects instead of having to shape them yourself.

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