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11. Keep in mind that there are generic teams for each faction. For example, the original scripts make use of the teamSkirmishAmerica generic team to use a commandbutton ability. You can often use the generic team if the object(s) you want to command are not in a team.
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2 Translated tutorials
Posted January 8, 2005. By Mithril.

For all the Germans among you, Ingoneur from ThunderMOD's has kindly translated two of our tutorials into German. They can be found either here at the SDI or here at ThunderMOD's. A big thanks to Ingoneur and ThunderMOD's for the translation and permission.

Thudo has found a new love: Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War. There may be a new AI project but I suppose I'm not allowed to say anything yet because it's not that official yet *cough*

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Dynamic attack paths
Posted July 24, 2004. By Mithril.
New tutorial about Dynamic attack paths is up. If you implement this your AI won't just send teams to die at the enemy base defenses. Especially useful for Burton\Black Lotus rush tactics...

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