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24.World Builder will read a .big file if its name starts with "Expand" before its actual name. For Zero Hour it must be placed in the Data\Ini\ folder, otherwise it can be placed in the main game directory. World Builder will only read one .big file though.
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And more fixes on SDI!
Posted April 15, 2008. By Banshee.

I wasn't very satisfied with the changes I've done in the SDI few days ago and now I've also fixed some layout issues and skinned the network bar. Script Development Initiative is a special place for Generals and Zero Hour modders, which includes several tutorials for modders and downloads, mostly focused on AI scripting, but not restricted to it. And there are also the random tips of the day that may save many lives. I hope you enjoy it!

If you have any modding questions for Generals/ZH, use our editing forums (guest posting allowed) and we'll try to help you.

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Akkrand AI Update 1.13 + TFH Contest
Posted August 16, 2004. By Mithril.
Again, Lightning Akkrand has updated his AI, grab it here

This new version contains even further enhancments to the dynamic attack path system. He has submitted those scripts for others to adapt to their AI's - a proper download with documentation will become available in an amount of time. For now, read about his new changes or get his dynamic attack path scripts here.

The Finest Hour has announced the opening of a Concept Drawing Contest. Here is the official announcement:

"We have a contest for you today. TFH is stuck.. well Mongoose is the one who is stuck. He needs concept art for the German Tech Center. What he needs is for it to be clear and clean, not too much of a mess, with a fence and a medium sized land area. Would be a plus if you can include a V2 Rocket Pad. Feel free to submit any pieces of concept art without worrying too much about quality - MS Paint or similar programs are sufficient for this purpose. The most useful drawing will win a beta testing slot. The team will judge the drawings."

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Akkrand AI Update 1.09 + Bombtrucks!
Posted August 10, 2004. By Mithril.
The Akkrand AI Version 1.09 is up, actually we can call him Lightning Akkrand now!

It includes some changes with the dynamic attack paths again, more refined logic and new battlebus behavior. Here's a quote from the thread:

"I've made a whole bunch of changes to the Dynamic Attack Paths that I use in my AI - it does a bunch of stuff with timers, counting how long each probe takes to get killed after it first gets attacked, and then comparing the timers of the various probe teams after they're all dead to determine which entrance to use... There are things that can screw it up a bit, but it seems to make more informed decisions, and it especially useful when there are multiple entrances flagged 'without defences', or if all the entrances are flagged 'with defences'..."

There's a new tutorial up as well, about Getting the Bombtruck to disguise properly. Now this isn't the best form of the solution, but as soon as you got the gist of this you will be able to fine tune the logic, like Akkrand did with the Dynamic attack paths.

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Akkrand AI Update 1.03
Posted August 2, 2004. By Mithril.
Just to be sure you know this, Akkrand has updated his AI for ZH, it's version 1.03 now. Get it here. He reworked some things about bomb truck behavior and his AI improved upon the concepts described in the Dynamic attack paths tutorial.

To read his own words, see the topic.

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