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9. Don't forget that there are useful parameters in the Behavior tab of a team in the teams editor. Fields like "On Enemy Sighted", "On All Clear" and "On Idle" can be useful script carriers for some situations.
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Akkrand AI Update 1.15 + TFH + NoSilence SCB
Posted August 29, 2004. By Mithril.

The already famous "Lightning" Akkrand has worked on his AI again and advanced to version 1.15. He didn't say much about the changes - however there is evidence to assume that he has improved the plane and bombtruck AI. Grab his AI HERE.

There's also a new file available; the No Silence between Music ZH Scripts. Ever wondered why there's such a long silence between the music tracks? Well this .scb reduces the silence length effectively - you won't be playing without listening to the ZH tracks often.

Furthermore there's a huge update over at The Finest Hour. They have an ingame shot of the Ferdinand\Elephant, renders and ingame shots of the French Popup Turret, firing 135mm grenades, a new fuel tank system that will allow the player to target a part of a vehicle designated as its fuel storage tank with a generals ability, the destruction of that fuel tank takes the vehicle with it! Finally there is a preview of a USA mission map and a render of the M18 Hellcat.

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