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3. Only Subroutines are visible when you want to select scripts in the teams editor. The same applies when you want to select a sequential script.
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1. Always check your \Data in your My Documents\\\ folder. If there is a file called _tmpChunk.dat - delete it. It may stop certain scripts from executing.
2. If, when you start a skirmish game, you find that all of YOUR buildings are sold, check whether the scripts imported correctly into WB. See if there is a "sell off" folder in PlyrCivilian.
3. Only Subroutines are visible when you want to select scripts in the teams editor. The same applies when you want to select a sequential script.
4. If you have a script that does is not really too important but still needs to stay there - set it to evaluate some number of seconds instead of every frame, it saves processor power.
5. Be sure to simplify your scripts. For example, if you want to execute a script every few seconds, you do not need an expiration timer or counter, set it to evaluate every few seconds and uncheck the "Deactivate upon success" checkbox.
6. Once you have done a lot of scripting (especially single player missions), be sure to check your scripts with the script debugger. It may be that you have forgotten to set a script to "Deactivate upon success" and it evaluates every frame... thus eating up CPU power.
7. Know that it is possible to activate an entire folder full of scripts, which can be a great solution in some cases.
8. In the Zero Hour World Builder, uncheck "Auto Verify" when importing scripts and they will import 100% faster.
9. Don't forget that there are useful parameters in the Behavior tab of a team in the teams editor. Fields like "On Enemy Sighted", "On All Clear" and "On Idle" can be useful script carriers for some situations.
10. If you want a team to load into a transport, do not set its state to Aggressive - they won't load.
11. Keep in mind that there are generic teams for each faction. For example, the original scripts make use of the teamSkirmishAmerica generic team to use a commandbutton ability. You can often use the generic team if the object(s) you want to command are not in a team.
12. In order to use the "Commandbutton Hunt" script command your object(s) must have the CommandButtonHuntUpdate to make the script work.
13. Always try to use the waypoint paths as attack paths - instead of just setting a team to hunt. There are usually three waypoint paths for you to use : Center, Flank and Backdoor
14.Use the "[Team] Use commandbutton ability" script in case you have made a CommandSet upgrade to include new commandbuttons on the same object. Select the factions generic team which has the prefix "team" before the actual name (e.g. teamSkirmishAmerica).
15.RVMECH Says: Normally modifying anything for the human player that involves scoring in any way with a script will or can cause a mismatch.
16.Remember that setting a script to evaluate every second needs less performance than setting it to evaluate every frame.
17.Note that a team will try to load into transports if you tell it to merge with another team.
18.If your unit in a mission does not show up in the unit scripts make sure you have entered it correctly in the "Name" field of the Object Properties box.
19.You can add up to 14 players in World Builder. Download the 16 player script in the download section to get another 2 players. If you need another one you can move all scripts in the "PlyrCivilian" folder to the neutral folder and remove the civilian player.
20.Use the 10 x time accelerator function in the script debugger so that you won't have to wait hours for things to happen. If it appears to be slower than the original try turning down the detail settings.
21.Scripts in the "On Create" field in a team's template properties will only execute once. If you want your script to execute as long as the team exists, put it in the generic scripts list in the "Generic" tab.
22.When exporting skirmish scripts, always select "Export all scripts" don't make this mistake when you've done hours of scripting...
23.Always export your skirmish scripts to a new .scb file. This gives you a better undo level in case you've scripted nonsense.
24.World Builder will read a .big file if its name starts with "Expand" before its actual name. For Zero Hour it must be placed in the Data\Ini\ folder, otherwise it can be placed in the main game directory. World Builder will only read one .big file though.
25.Changes done in the team editor will be lost if the scripts editor is open at the same time. Keep this in mind!
26.When making a new skirmish build list try to rotate them to a 45 degree angle. This often makes it easier for the AI to place the buildings, thus you get a higher degree of consistency. Build lists are evil and they will almost never do exactly what you have told them to do.
27.RVMECH Says: The supply docks need to be within 20 tiles of the command center in order for the AI to start collecting.

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