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8. In the Zero Hour World Builder, uncheck "Auto Verify" when importing scripts and they will import 100% faster.
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Basics of adding a new unit

Title: Basics of adding a new unit
Difficulty: Novice AI Scripter
Author(s): SDI Team
Game Type: Both Regular Generals and Zero Hour

This tutorial is for people who just quickly want to get their units ingame without focusing on the details too much. So lets get started immediately. It works for both regular Generals and Zero Hour.

A team in World Builder is basically a template which can carry one or more units and then be given specific behavior.

Right, open World Builder, click Edit>Player List and click the "Add Skirmish Players" button. Then click "OK" and go to Edit>Scripts. Find the "Import Scripts" button and click it. Select your file which should be in your \Data\Scripts\ folder.

Once you have imported the scripts, click "OK" and go to Edit>Teams.

This is the teams editor where you actually get to add new units. For now we won't add your unit to the Object List in the Script Editor, just for reasons of simplicity.

For ZH Users
Select the "SkirmishAmerica", and scroll down till you see
the "USA E 1ST Wave" team, then double click it. Under "AmericaInfantryRanger", add your new unit, set the minimum and maximum numbers both to 1.

Click "OK" and you're done! Go to Edit>Scripts and click "Export Scripts" and export it as the again. Now if the new unit is in a factory's CommandSet, the AI will build it as soon as the factory is built.

Note that you should test this with the Easy difficulty setting because the "E" in "USA E 1ST
Wave" means Easy.

For regular Generals Users
Click "SkirmishAmerica", find and double click the "USA D5H Tank Rush" team. Under AmericaVehicleHumvee, add your new unit and set both the minimum and maximum numbers to 1.

Now click "OK" and go to Edit>Scripts and then "Export Scripts". Export them as "" in your Generals\Data\Scripts\ folder and fire up the game! Note that you must play on the Brutal difficulty because the "H" in "USA D5H Tank Rush" means Hard. In WB, Hard means the hardest difficulty, instead of Brutal. Also make sure that you have your new unit in a factory's CommandSet or else it won't be built.

That's basically it. If you feel comfortable with the first sight of scripts then you can do the other tutorials for much more useful information.

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