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21.Scripts in the "On Create" field in a team's template properties will only execute once. If you want your script to execute as long as the team exists, put it in the generic scripts list in the "Generic" tab.
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Getting the Bombtruck to disguise properly

Title: Getting the Bombtruck to disguise properly
Difficulty: Basic AI Scripter
Author(s): SDI Team, concept\implementation by Akkrand
Game Type: Both Regular Generals and Zero Hour

Thanks to Lord Akkrand for figuring this out

If you do the obvious first thing to solve this problem, which is telling a bombtruck team to use the "Command_DisguiseAsVehicle" commandbutton on the nearest enemy object with KindOf 'VEHICLE', you will find that the bombtruck team will simply not do it. Thankfully, Akkrand has found out how to work around this.

First, you need to edit a bombtruck's INI file. There are different bombtrucks for every GLA general in ZH, so keep that in mind.
Add this module to a bombtruck's INI (the bombtrucks are in any of these files: GLAVehicle, DemoGeneral, StealthGeneral or ChemicalGeneral.ini, for regular Generals it is in FactionUnit.ini):

Behavior = CommandButtonHuntUpdate BTDisguiseHunt ; nothing

Next, import your scripts as usual. Initialize a flag named 'Bombtruck_Is_Disguised' to FALSE somewhere in your early scripts and set a timer called 'Bombtruck_Disguise_Done' to expire in 0.01 seconds(in ZH you can place the initializations in the Init Variables script, in regular Generals it can be done in the Turn Everything On script, both of which are in the Paper Work folder).

Now construct the following scripts:

Script name: GLA Bombtruck Disguise
100.00% of Team '' perform Ability 'Command_UpgradeGLABombTruckHighExplosiveBomb'.
Team '' begins hunting using Ability 'Command_DisguiseAsVehicle'.
Set timer 'Bombtruck_Disguise_Done' to expire in 5.00 seconds.
Set Flag named 'Bombtruck_Is_Disguised' to TRUE

Script name: GLA Bombtruck Switch To Attack
Timer 'Bombtruck_Disguise_Done' has expired.
*AND* Flag named 'Bombtruck_Is_Disguised' IS TRUE
Team '' begins hunting.

Script name: GLA Bombtruck Reset Flag
Script flags\evaluation: Active, Every second
Bombtruck_Disguise_Done timer has expired.
AND Flag Bombtruck_Is_Disguised is TRUE
Set Flag Bombtruck_Is_Disguised to FALSE.

Put the "GLA Bombtruck Disguise" script into the On Create slot and the "GLA Bombtruck Switch To Attack" into a Generic slot. Once the team is built, the bombtruck will hunt using the ability (among other things), thus disguise itself, after 5 seconds the script in the Generic tab will hunt enemies. Pretty simple, really...

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